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Voluntary Sector Support

The High Sheriff of Bristol funds a range of activities for young people in communities of disadvantage to provide opportunities for positive and constructive engagement in play to reduce crime and youth offending in those communities. These activities include sport, drama, art, caving, climbing, canoeing and many others.

Bristol Youth and Community Action (BYCA) holiday funding will be allocated to offer extra support to partnerships operating in areas of the city that have been identified as lacking accessible provision for school holiday activities for young people. 

Most of the projects and activities receiving funds take place during the half-term or summer school holidays. BYCA makes two types of award; one provides the holiday activities described above while the other provides for Community Action Grants where young people influence the type of activity that takes place.

Click here to download the BYCA guidelines, criteria and application form

If you need any assistance with applying for BYCA funding please contact us; 

BYCA co-ordinator: Lee Williams, LW@youngbristol.com , telephone number: 0117 929 2513.

The objective of BYCA is to enrich the lives of young people from diverse communities and from a range of backgrounds. From the feedback we receive in our post-activity evaluation, it is clear that BYCA funds generate a large reservoir of goodwill by encouraging volunteering, the free use of premises and by providing positive alternative opportunities for young people. In areas where few out-of-school activities are found and where there is no funding from local or other government money, BYCA can assist community-based organisations to apply for funding to support their programmes.

BYCA provided funding for 54 activities during 2012/13. These holiday schemes will have engaged many young people in activities that build skills, challenge their prejudices, enhance their self- esteem and much more besides.

'The flying was absolutely incredible. The opportunity and facility is just second to none. My children have been raving about it ever since, very disappointed they can’t have another go – they’re hooked! Do keep us informed'. This was an email received from a parent whose children had participated in a trapeze workshop with Circomedia.

It is important to emphasise that there are minimal administrative costs arising from the operation of ByCA. Members of the BYCA panel include representatives from the Bristol Youth Links Team at BCC, Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Young Bristol, Quartet Community Foundation, donors and High Sheriffs past, present and future.

Quartet Community Foundation manages the High Sheriff’s Fund but Bristol Youth and Community Action (BYCA) carries out the allocation of those funds.


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