Greater London

County News 2015/2016

April 2016

April 2 2016 
Lady Ghazala Hameed hosted an art exhibition to promote Artist Sherzada Khalid Iqbal at the home of Mr Suhail Afzal in Islamabad. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sales went to the High Sheriff's Charity Concern for Mental Health. Sherzada was an accountant in his first career, after his stroke he became an avid Painter. This is a good illustration of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation after illness.

April 6 2016
Lady Hameed hosted a dinner at her home to give the High Sheriff Awards at the end of the year to those who contributed in community charitable activities in London and Worldwide.

Amongst the recipients were Mr Zameer Choudhry, Head of Bestway, Mr Kevin Gold, Head of Mishcon De Reya, Mr Mahmud, Head of City Bank Europe, Dr Lalvani, Founder of Vitabiotics, Tony Gearing, Founder of YOPEY Awards for Young people, Rami Ranger, founder of Sun Mark and many other businesses, charities and highly capable hard working citizens with their heart in the right place.

April 7
The High Sheriff Lady Ghazala Hameed and Under Sheriff Lyn Johansen met with The Metropolitan Police to discuss arrangements regarding Operation London Bridge.

April 12 2016
At the Commemoration for the victims of the 2015 Terrorist Attacks in Tunisia at the Westminster Abbey.

April 13 2016
Lady Hameed visited the National Police Air Service in Essex. In the picture is the well-equipped helicopter, Mr Howell who hosted the visit graciously, and a view over London. We witnessed a drugs related arrest by the ground Police aided by the Air Service on the smart screen in the helicopter from up above.

The statue sits in the front of the bunkers used for prisoners of war at the site, this statue was carved from concrete by a prisoner from Berlin in the early 1900's.

15 April 2016

Lyn Johansen, Under Sheriff, HH Judge Aaron, High Sheriff Lady Hameed visited Harrow Court, we enjoyed the warmth and hospitality, especially the home made upside cake baked by HH Judge Martyn Barklem.

April 15 2016
The High Sheriff was one of the speakers with the President of the Ahmadia Foundation, Dr Ijaz ur Rehman, at a pre-dinner Charity Peace walk the Association are organizing to support multiple small charities, which will include Concern for Mental Health, the High Sheriff's chosen Charity. The other speakers included Councillor Laguda, Stephen Timm, MP East Ham, Mike Gapes, MP Ilford, Cllr Ken Clark, Tony Nash, Bough Commander, and representatives of the receiving charities, Great Ormond Street, Action for Children, The Royal British Legion.

April 17 2016
The High Sheriff represented the Muslim Community viewpoint at a musical concert by an interfaith group Barakah at the West London Synagogue, in the picture with Rabbi Helen Freeman.

March 2016
4 March 2016 
Lady Hameed hosted a lunch for friends and colleagues at the Clink Restaurant to support this great rehabilitation project. The aim of The Clink Charity is to reduce the reoffending rates by training and placing graduates upon their release into employment in the hospitality industry. The charity has achieved incredible results.

Bad Boys Bakery 
After some training from Ramsay, the inmate chefs of Brixton prison formed a business dubbed "Bad Boys' Bakery", under the slogan "Life Changing Taste", selling a Ramsay version of a lemon treacle tart. Ramsay was able to negotiate an agreement for a trial order of 100 bars to be sold in 11 Caffè Nero locations across South London at the start . The baked beautifully wrapped treats are supplied to local restaurants. Lyn and I were given a taste of the goodies.

14 March 2016
The Commonwealth Day was celebrated with a grand Service at the Westminster Abbey, attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

March 16 2016
The High Sheriff gave out the annual crime beat awards organized by the National Crime beat Association.
The purpose of National Crime beat is to provide High Sheriffs with a prestigious annual awards ceremony, worthy of the dignity of the ancient Royal office, to be held annually in London. These awards exist to give recognition to the most innovative and successful crime prevention projects carried out by young people.

March 16 2016
The hosts Judge McCreath and Judge Leonard QC, Mr Martin Hewitt, Assistant Commissioner of Metropolis Police at the High Sheriff Awards Ceremony at Southwark Crown Court priory to the ceremony

March 17th  
Multi Agency Policy Group.
Policing and Restraints in Mental Health, meetings with the group regularly on the average of every 2 months in 2015-2016.

March 17th
High Sheriffs Quarterly Meeting at Harley Street attended by Current, Past and Future High Sheriffs, the group now has a name, ‘The Greater London High Sheriff’s Council’.

March 27 2016
The High Sheriff had tea with the High Commissioner HE Mr Thomas Drew at his residence in Islamabad.

February 2016
4th February
Winter Garden reception at the Royal Courts of Justice hosted by Snarebrook Judges.
It was dark, ‘to preserve the historical robes’, so much so we couldn’t see the guests! 

8th February
Police Awards - Citations were read ,Awards were given for excellence in performance by Police Commissioner Sir Hogan-Howe, Mayor Boris Johnson and Minister Teresa May at an elegant lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel.

January 2016
7th January
Meeting was held at the Mental Health Centre , Maya House on 7th January with Sean Duggan and Mignon French to discuss Early Treatment Requirement for offenders in the CJS.
Maya House has this wonderful sculpture of blue life size musicians scaling the walls with gold musical instruments 

19th January 
High Sheriffs quarterly regional meeting in Kent . I presented the highlights of my year , my focus was on mental heath.The county High Sheriffs were surprised we don't wear court dress/ costume when officiating. Each County has a different medal incorporating local symbols .I displayed the London High Sheriff's medal , which was much admired.


25th January
Panel Meeting with Judge Samuels ,Kevin McGrath and Lynn Johansen and three candidates ,to select the High Sheriff for 2020.

New High Sheriff for 2020 John Garbutt and Lady Hameed.

27th January
Visited terrorism unit with Mr Stokely , New Scotland Yard.

December 2015
15th December
Christmas carol services at Westminster Abbey ,hosted by Metropolitan Police.

November 2015
11th November 
Lord and Lady Hameed held a dinner at their home to welcome Lord Lieutenant Ken Olissa and Commissioner of Police Sir Bernard Hogan Howe. Guests: Lady Dholkia, Sashi Vandrevalla, Lady Hogan Howe and Mrs Olissa.

12th November 
Nomination Ceremony for the new High Sheriff of Greater London 2016 at Royal Courts of Justice Strand.

The ceremony with the Clerk of the Privy Council, the Queen's Remembrancer and the Chief Clerk to the Queen's Remembrancer.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and other judges in attendance.

The Under Sheriff Ms Lynn Johanson and High Sheriff Lady Ghazala Hameed at a reception hosted by the High Sheriffs' Association, in the Saint Clement Danes Church, after the names of all High Sheriffs for 2016-2017 were read out at a ceremony in the Royal Courts of Justice.

16th November 
Panel Meeting at Harley Street with Judge Samuels Kevin McGrath ( High Sheriff 2014 and Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Wing Commander Mike Dudgeon to decide nominations for 2010-11 High Sheriff.

18th November 
City of London Solicitor's company Livery Dinner at Haberdashers Hall.

19th November 
First World War Ceremony marking the 100th Anniversary of the action which led to the award of the Victoria Cross to Richard Bell Davies.

21st November 
London and Essex Young People of the Year Awards Ceremony 2015.

23rd November 
Visit to Pentonville with Govenor Kevin Reilly.

24th November 
Visit to Westminster Coroners Court and lunch with Dr Fiona Wilcox.

There is a special seat at the Corners Court where the High Sheriff visits for one day a year which is the only seat for a High Sheriff in Greater London.

24th November 
Lord Lieutenants Reception at Mayors Parlour Kensington Town Hall.

25th November 
Visit to Belmarsh Prison with Governor Simon Cartwright.

26th November 
Meeting with Commander Ball the Gang Unit at Scotland Yard.

October 2015
6th October 
Meeting with Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd at the Royal Courts of Justice.

8th October 
Lady High Sheriffs’ Luncheon at the Royal Thames Yacht Club, 60 Knightsbridge.

19th October
Meeting at House of Lords Joint APPG meeting on vulnerable defendants in court.

22nd October
Lunch at the Old Bailey.

27th October
High Sheriffs Award Ceremony at the Supreme Court attended by the President of the Supreme Court, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London.
Assistant Commissioner of Police and Under Sheriff together with awarding judges from Blackfriars, Snaresbrook, Southward, Harrow, and Central Criminal Court.

29th October
Attended the Service to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt at Westminster Abbey.

September 2015
2nd September
Visit to Inner London Crown Court Lunch with Judge Chapple.

7th September
Meeting with Mr Stephen Greenlaigh Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

7th September
Meeting of High Sheriff Under High Sheriff and Past and Future High Sheriffs
attended by Lady Hameed High Sheriff Lynn Johansen Under Sheriff
David Jones Kevin McGrath Elizabeth Vallance ( past High Sheriff)
and James Furber

16th September 
Presiding at the Initiative for improving mental health services in The Criminal Justice System , Lord Bradley leads the discussion . The meeting room was made available by the generosity of Ranjit Mathrani , former High Sheriff , Masala Zone restaurant.

27th September
Sheep Drive across London Bridge, September 2015

This event was organized to support Mental Health Projects in the Criminal Justice System in London. In Medieval times, the right to herd sheep across the bridge allowed Freemen to cross the River Thames without paying any taxes. People bestowed with the honour of Freedom of the City can exercise their right and follow the ancient tradition. Friends were invited to participate. The sheep were well behaved, the walkers enjoyed the sunny day, joyous atmosphere, they had a chance to chat and add calories they hadn’t burned afterwards at Tea at The Folly. Dr Shirin won for best costume in our group. We raised £ 6650, most of it will be allocated to a suitable project later this year. We contributed £ 1650 to the Lord Mayor’s Charity (supporting Mencap and other City projects).

August 2015
3rd August 
Broadmoor Hospital visit with Consultation Group on Policy for Police Restraints in Mental Health Delivery.

5th August 
Visited Jenny Rowe, Chief Executive of Supreme Court.

13th August
Visited Police Dog Training Centre in Kent.

They train dogs and topiary

August 20th
Visited the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit at New Scotland Yard.

21st August 
Visited Camden Police Station, joined constables in their car while they carried on with their duties.

26th August 
Visited Holloway prison.

27th August
Task Force Meeting in New Scotland Yard: Advisory group on policy for Police and Restraints in Mental Health Delivery.

July 2015 
3rd July 
Meeting the Lord Lieutenant Mr Ken Olisa.

In his office: the board lists the Lord Lieutenants over the years with a picture of the Queen. 

6th July 
Westminster Abbey Memorial: Srebenica Commemoration.

Outside Westminster Abbey 

17th July 
Spent an afternoon with the Marine Policing Unit.

22nd July 
Police Overview: Briefing with Detective Chief Inspector James Harman.
Tour of Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard.

June 2015
9th June 
Reception Grosvenor Office Air Ambulance given by the Duke of Westminster.


10th June 
Visit with Judge Hillen at Blackfriars County Court,attended cases in court.

18th June 
Task Force Meeting in NewScotland Yard: Advisory group on policy for Police and Restraints in Mental Health Delivery.

25th June 
Annual Ceremony of Remembrance.
The General Sir Nicholas Houghton GCB CBE ADC Gen joined in remembering those who lost their lives whilst serving as a member of the Metropolitan Police Service. Attended by Mr Ken Olisa and Lady Hameed.

26th June 
Plaque Presentation arranged by The Battle of Britain Historical Society at St Josephs College to honour two previous students who became RAF pilots (The 'Few') in the Battle of Britain.

30th June 

Meeting at Magistrates Association Headquarters with Judge Samuels, Chris Brace, R Monkhouse and B Summerkill to discuss strategy for improvement and innovation in Mental Health for defendants in the Magistrates’ Courts.

May 2015
7th May 
Meeting with Commissioner of Police Sir Bernard Hogan Howe with ex-High Sheriff Kevin McGrath.

10th May 
Westminster Abbey VE Day Memorial Service

12th May 
Meeting to discuss strategy for Mental Health Projects in The Criminal Justice system, attended by Professor Sean Duggan, Centre for Mental Health, Dame Sue Bailey Chair of the Academy of Royal Colleges, previously President of Royal College of Psychiatry.

13th May 
Dinner at Fishmonger’s Livery Company with ex -High Sheriff D C Jones.

15th May 
Lunch for the Lord and Lady Mayoress of Greater London Alderman and Mrs Yarrow hosted by Mayor Councillor Maighread Condon-Simmonds.

19th May 
Swearing of New Lord Chancellor Michael Gove at the Royal Courts of Justice.

19th May 
Reception at House of Lords to celebrate Lady Hameed’s appointment as High Sheriff.

Introduction by Lord Blair, Address by Lady Hameed. Many past High Sheriffs attended.

28 May Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

29 May Opening Ceremony Chutney Mary, meeting ex high Sheriff Ranjit Matharani.

April 2015
4th April 
Meeting with Commander Christine Jones.

Swearing in by Lord Chief Justice with friends and family.

28th April 
Conference relating to Mental Health in the Criminal Justice system.

29th April
Meeting with Swedish delegates introducing Senso-Detect methodology for diagnosis in psychiatry, the tests could be used in promoting mental health in the criminal justice system.

March 2015
9th March meeting with Millie Banerjee, ex- high Sheriff, to get help in planning my year.

 18th March Award ceremony with Kevin McGrath.

19th March meeting with Professor Sean Duggan, Centre for Mental Health, to get help in planning my year.

February 2015
16th February
 YOPEY Celebrating Young people’s Achievements, Award ceremony, in lieu of Kevin McGrath.

At the VE Day 70th anniversary celebrations.

House of Lords reception for the High Sheriff of London Lady Ghazala Hameed with Lord Hameed and Lord Blair.

The Former High Sheriffs of Greater London
Front row : (Left To Right) D C Jones, Kevin Mcgrath, Ranjit Matharani, Lady Vallance
Back row: (Left To Right) John Rous( Devon), Jan Pathick, Lord Hameed, Lady Hameed, Millie Bannerjee, Andrew Morgan.

The Lady Ghazala Hameed made her Declaration and and was officially installed as the High Sheriff of Greater London at the Royal Courts of Justice on 27 April 2015.